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Current Developments

Hi all. Back again to let you guys know we're still alive and kicking. My regular job gets really busy around this time of the year and upgrading our servers and stuff took a long time too. I'm still working on getting some of the "nice to have" things working, but everything is stable now.

Right now we're testing out adding more helpers to M.U.G.E.N. Unfortunately, the way the engine was coded back in the day, it's not as easy as just increasing the number of helpers in source. As for now, the limit was raised to a little over 1000 helpers. I suspect this will cause some backward compatibility problems but I'm not sure yet. If testing goes well, we might consider putting out an experimental build for others to try.

More later...

- dfw

1000 helpers is more than

1000 helpers is more than enough for now anyway. even in 2 vs 2 mode it's around 256 helpers per character, which is a lot. great job.

would it be hard to also increase variable limit to some 1024 or such? just like 56 helpers, 60+40 variables is sometimes too little when you try doing more complex things, especially if you want to store a lot of stats and other things in full games.